Biz Wellness Checkup

Why it was Created

As an investor, consultant, and portfolio manager; Robert Ritch recognized the need to automate the process of evaluating business and as a result, Biz Wellness Checkup was created.

Who uses it

Investors and business buyers use for due diligence and to establish current and future value and earnings

Business Owners it to increase the value and earnings of their company.

Distressed Business seeking turnaround

Business Owners also use it for Business Exit Planning to increase the value they receive when selling

Public companies, Initial Public Offerings and Reverse Mergers use Biz Wellness Checkup to increase the stock value and cash flow

How it works

How we develop and orchestrate a value growth strategy.

The process and what the report will provide

Complete a online questionnaire covering

  • Business Planning
  • Executive Leadership
  • Exit Planning
  • Financial Planning & Control
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Human Resources
  • Management Supervision
  • Business Process Quality

We will then provide you with a detailed report on each area which will provide suggested action items and areas of concern


The report will suggest experts in each are to consult with

Financial Projections

Based on the identified target areas a financial plan showing steps, cost of implementation and return on investment for each action item

Plan of Action

Next, create a plan of action and schedule to implement the suggested changes

Our Process

We start everyone with an overview report and sometimes this is all they need. Then we can do a deep dive into areas that are identified as needing attention. Once these results are in we can evaluate if the issues can be resolved with in-house resources or need our team of experts to assist or a combination of both.

Due to the current economic conditions, we are offering an overview evaluation for free

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